Our keywords:

  • Exclusive collections from up-and-coming Belgian fashion designers, specially designed for you, our muse
  • No overproduction
  • No mass production
  • Couture meets customization: great fashion that really fits your body!

Maison Muses offers you exclusive collections of up-and-coming Belgian designers, handmade in Belgium. By choosing a Slow Fashion approach in which we don’t have any stock but work with orders, the designer produces an item just for your body, Muse!

So, if you want to own an exclusive design made for Maison Muses by an up-and-coming Belgian fashion designer: this is your way to go!

Whenever you decide to buy an item, you know you are not only supporting great creative talent, but also reducing the impact on the environment (no overproduction) since the designer starts producing whenever you place your order.