Dear muse,

Great you are visiting our website!

Not only does that mean that you’re interested in high fashion, but you also want to know where your clothes come from and who made them.

For me, fashion is a passion. But I also realize the sector faces some big challenges. If we want the next generations to enjoy lovely fashion designs as well, something needs to be done.

The reason I started Maison Muses, to let you, our muse, enjoy the glamour of real couture, custom-made clothing that’s not only of great quality, but is also locally made. It’s all made with passion and love.

Anti overproduction

Anti mass production

But great couture!

And who I am?

Well, my name is Laura, a twenty something’ sushi and Sunday mornings’ lover living in Belgium. I love traveling (did I already mention I lived in Scandinavia for some time?) and dancing in my living room when nobody’s watching.

Live life to the fullest and try to be a muse wherever you go or whoever you meet!

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